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15 September 2014, 1442

Found this motor on Ebay. 90 kW sounds tempting...

Any thoughts about this motor? What controller is suitable for this motor? Is it suitable for a small car or motorcycle?


This motor is manufactured by Remy/Dellco . It is one of two similar motors used in the AHS-C automatic transmission in the ML 450 Mercedes Benz Hybrid (US-version).In this car the motors are delivering about 90 horsepower, with higher voltage and another controller they can deliver 90 kW for a short period of time. These motors like high voltages and low torque to be efficient. Lower voltages and high torque will cause bigger losses in the wiring. However they can deliver very high torque for a short period of time. The temperature of the runner must not exceed 200C , would destroy the magnets.

16 September 2014, 0011
reposted many times now on ebay and on this site. http://www.elmoto.net/showthread.php?3706-Ebay-ev-related-listings

I bet a rinehart would make a good controller for this beasty. Id go with a electric sports bike, but a car would be good too.
Only thing to sort would be the cooling, most likely designed to run in an oil bath of the transmission.

16 September 2014, 0947
Forgive my ignorance, but is 300V @ "100A per phase" for a few seconds actually a 90kW motor? Wouldn't total instantaneous current still be 100A, so power delivered is ~30kW peak (for a few seconds)?


16 September 2014, 0947
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16 September 2014, 1542
you seems to be right, it looks like the motor is AMB motor in this article on image 4.

60 kW and 260 Nm.

Must login to read article, Google books links to a book with some information about AHS-C transmission