View Full Version : LIVES PER GALLON author claims that sitting on a gasoline car is slowly killing ..

29 September 2010, 1932
.. the occupants and the car driver. Not to mention the obvious costs to dead seagulls and oil drillers.

This is probably the best reason to own an electric ride.

Incidentally, scooterists who ride in vintage Vespa scooter rallies have to 'eat' a lot of blue smoke. Some of the residents of neighborhoods that these scooterists ride in do not like that blue smog --- I can tell you from first-hand experience.

Riding a 2-stroke scooter is unpleasant at stop lights when the wind is blowing the wrong way.

Also, the big-carburreted sporty 2-stroke 50cc's get only approximately 100 kms per tank, so the scooterist ends up breathing quite a bit of gasoline fumes at gas stations. (I've done this, too.)

The good news is that with LIFEPO4 and an 8A battery charger, the Native Z6 is almost as practical as a 50cc. The major difference is the range; however, if you can find places to charge en route, then you'll be fine with Z6.

Does anybody have any data on the number of sprocket teeth on the EMS Native Z6 "regular" and the "hill-climbing" model?

I remember that our experience with the Ego-II was that when we used a taller (less teeth) sprocket, the Ego seemed to go up hills faster, oddly enough.