View Full Version : ZF 75-7 dimensions

18 November 2014, 1451
Does anyone have any rough or accurate dimensions of this motor. I am trying to model it in 3D. Thanks

Electro Flyers
18 November 2014, 1559
The question is: where do find this motor? It was briefly for sale on the Zero web site a couple of years ago for a couple of weeks until too many schmucks like me asked too many stupid questions about it and the battery packs they were offering. I think they were hoping for more OEM responses. I haven't seen it since.

19 November 2014, 0117
How about an EMRAX 207? http://www.enstroj.si/Electric-products/emrax-200.html

Or one of the bigger ones up to the 268 with 140kw at 20kg and they have step files on thier site.

19 November 2014, 0757
yea.. money is the issue there. $4500 for the 228 motor shipped to US from best knowledge.

19 November 2014, 0821
What kind of money are you expecting to pay for the zf 75-7 and where you getting it from?