View Full Version : 22 ah 6S lipo battery

02 December 2014, 2040
I guess if money is no option, there's this- http://www.helidirect.com/plu25-220006-pulse-lipo-22000mah-222v-25c-p-36219.hdx

I'm flirting with the idea of getting 9 of these to do three-in-series to three-in-parallel to make a 66.6V 66AH pack. I'd do chargers on each pack to make sure all the cells are balanced. Total weight of the batteries- 50lbs. Wow.

Am I nuts?!

03 December 2014, 0909

You'd want to have a really good reason to need the weight saving.
Would be a great solution for a competitive EV trials bike or a scrambler, where the tracks are short and the weight saving makes an enormous difference, but as a general project concept I think the cost kills it.