View Full Version : 2 Used Elcon PFC 1500 chargers @72V - $285 each

09 December 2014, 1646
I'm not selling these, but in fact I thought it was such a good deal I bought two of them.

There are 2 left if anyone is looking.


Programmed for 16-25s lifepo 58.4 -91.25 Volts

09 December 2014, 2353
Only 1 left now, did one of you scoop one up? 1 day & 10 hours to go.

10 December 2014, 1512
All gone, but I believe a few Elmotoers got a good deal on a charger.

10 December 2014, 1538
I grabbed one. Don't even have my batteries yet but you have to take advantage when you see a deal. Just means the budget is a touch less tight for other things. I might splurge on the motor now.