View Full Version : Can I drill into the aluminum base of my Curtis 1238R-7601 ?

25 December 2014, 0816
I would like to screw my heat sink into the aluminum base of my Curtis controller. Anyone knows for sure how deep a hole I can drill ?

25 December 2014, 0944
I'd avoid if at all possible and use the holes that are there.....

The issue being that there are screws from the other side all along the base where the MOSFETs are as well as circuit board mounting points.

I guess the worst that could happen is that you break the bit and maybe the die when you tap the hole. You don't need to go that deep if you're just mounting a plate.

But it see if there's a way to use the 4 holes there if you can't find someone that knows the internal layout.

25 December 2014, 0952
Ok thanks, I will find a way to re-use the 4 holes. It's just that my heatsink is a bit smaller than these.

25 December 2014, 1016
The 1238-7501 I bought from ARC-EV was liquid cooled. They drilled and tapped 8 holes 1cm deep in the base. I can measure the locations of them if you would like.

27 December 2014, 2345
I'd do that then if they've already done it... Get the measurements and post em. Maybe arc will post them?

I bet they've taken it apart to find those hole locations.

28 December 2014, 2019
It has definitely been taken apart.

This is with the battery terminals at the top of the picture: 6278

and here are the measurements (x,y ordered pairs in mm as measured by a ruler)
Black: (64,79)
Red: (103,52)
Yellow: (100,52)
Blue: (70,82)

Black: (57,28)
Red: (95,55)
Yellow: (106,55)
Blue: (75,26)