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03 January 2015, 0918
hi everyone,
myself pavan from india. i'm a mechanical engineering student, but basically i don't like i.c engine. so i shifted my focus towards EV's there are really cool and i want to build one. i hope you guys would help me right!!!

03 January 2015, 1151

03 January 2015, 1215
above drawing is done by me with the help of the autocad.....i choose frame of hero honda passion+ model for my bike frame...with so adjustment and good welding i think i can make enough space to fit my agm batteries.
i want to construct a commutator for my basic needs...of 30-40 km range(20miles) and 40 kmph speed


03 January 2015, 1224
i'm currently doing market survey for the avaliable motors.i'm thinking a motor of pmdc or bldc of 48v,4hp,3000rpm,10n.m continous torque will fit my purpose...it would so kind if any one of give your suggestions regarding this motor or any other alternatives for selection of motor.you might know in india we haven't yet developed the culture of electric motorcycle so it is tough challenge for me to continue this project without any help..

03 January 2015, 2129
Lets see if this link works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzjGecistVU
This video gives you a glimpse of what you can expect from AGM battery pack. You will need a lot of Pb weight to get a 20 mile range.

04 January 2015, 0618
what are you going to suggest me ,to switch for lithium ion batteries appreciate it sir,but i came to know that BMS is somewhat complicated for lithium batteries,so i thought it would better to start with agm batteries for a beginner (this is my first EV project).i'm thinking of using 4*12v*55ah lead acid batteries for my purpose.waiting for your reply..thank you

04 January 2015, 0645
Rule of thumb average emc gets 150wh/mile...
Your AGM pack will provide 2640 wh (48v x 55ah) which on paper gives you ~17 miles but not really 100% efficiency so you would need conservatively
8 batteries 4s2p... What's that? 300-400 lbs of Pb?? Your suspension is going to need stiffer springs/heavier oil.

04 January 2015, 0653
currently i'm searching for my motor,but in india it is so tough to get one, i went through ebay..but shipping cost is so heavy and i don't know how to deal with international shipping,currently i was so confused and checking out every available store in india to find one(48v,3300rpm,4hp continuous).if any one have a solution please contact me(pavankumarmech045@gmail.com).

04 January 2015, 0655
ok then what you want me to do,can use i use
lithium ion tech

04 January 2015, 0748
I will recommend that you place your priority on the battery pack as your most limiting component in the entire project.
There are lots of choices to be made, by you, not us. There are lots of choices on all of the components. AND there is a lot of information
here in this forum. Good luck!:cool:

04 January 2015, 0838
ok thankyou...i will post my updates soon and concentrate on other battery option

06 January 2015, 0941
I say go lithium. Specifically Nissan leaf cells and chevy volt batteries are hitting the market, and you can find them at hybridautocenter online. Compared to lead you can get a lot more battery cycles and you don't get harsh range drop. You save weight as well. Since international shipping is involved I say you try scouting for some EV wrecks near you to see if you can get some cheap batteries as salvage.

Also a lot of lead batteries can't put out high enough amperage, so double check. If you want your motor to do 100 amps continuous, your batteries should be able to discharge more than 100 amps

06 January 2015, 1139
When I first built my Ninja in 2008 I used (6) 35ah AGM's. I got 20 miles. Used them for 3 years. They weighed 25lbs each.