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19 January 2015, 0010
ElMoto.net is now has a new hosting account and new database server because of some massive problems with the old one, which I am sure many of you are well aware of. The old database and hosting account was 7 years old and very much ready to retire. It should make your experience here MUCH nicer as well as incredibly faster. I migrated most of the database over without issue, but there might be a few hiccups regardless, which I will try to correct as they happen.

Sooo.... If you find any bugs or have any issues, PLEASE contact me asap. By the way, I am aware that 42 of the 685 images (approx 6.13%) in the Gallery are missing (sorry Ardhout and Zachary Rubin), as well as a so far unknown number of attachments in the actual postings and threads. I just want to let you know that I am working on it, but please be aware that there IS a possibility that I might not be able to correct these issues. I am trying.

Although I am extremely pleased with how things went this time, I want to get the site back to 100% functional and make it the best source of news, information and learning regarding electric motorcycles on the internet.

Thank you for your patience.

19 January 2015, 1322
Hey Mike,

sometimes we forget how much work it can be to maintain such a forum, and i guess we forget because it's working pretty smoothly !

Thanks a lot for all the time you put into this, without it we could not exchange all the precious info in these past years !

And lets not forget the Paypal donation button on your home page ! :D

19 January 2015, 1333
Thank you Mike. I know migrating these things can be like eating spaghetti with a spoon.

Appreciate the work. PayPal exercised.

19 January 2015, 1405
Hugues and Robo,

Thank you for the COMPLETELY unexpected donations, and for coming here all the time to help educate, share and all the other things you guys do.

"Spaghetti with a spoon"... thats about right. The first time I did anything major to the site was in 2010. I am sure some of you remember THAT nightmare. I still want to cry when I think about the years of valuable info that went down the toilet. That and Ted's lost info when he left a while back. There are honestly times when I wonder if I should hand the site over to someone who knows more about websites and databases. I know nothing, Jon Snow.