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05 February 2015, 1110
Hello all

It's been a while since I've been on El Moto, my log in kept having issues and punting me off so after a wile I stopped trying. I got an email stating that a new host was being used so I figured I'd give it a go and I can log in again!

Anyhoo, I'm Dave. Most of my electric experience comes from model airplanes. I have an old KZ440 frame that I want to convert and an ebike project that is stalled that I need to get going again. Mostly I spend a lot of time lurking and learning.

05 February 2015, 1721
Welcome Dave,

There are a few KZ's out there. Mine is a more traditional conversion with an ALLTRAX SPM72400, 24 70AHr CALB prismatics and an ME1003 with minimal frame modifications...unlike that Noah! He does great frame work and if he ever gets that 550 done it will be very cool and AC powered.