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15 February 2015, 1647

Im selling a:
350 Alltrax Axe 4844 24-48V 400A controller
70 Albright SW200 400A contactor
1000 Agni 95R motor

Everything is located in Stockholm Sweden. I hope someone in Europe who looking for parts is interested because if you buy those parts from outside EU you need to pay expensive shipping and import taxes, something I already paid. A new controller from outside EU will cost about 500 at total. A new Agni cost 1500 in EU.

Of course I can sell outside EU, but I will need some time to handle this with customs and so on.

Bought February 2013 at electricmotorsport.com. I used it on my 48V electric motorcycle one summer. I sell it because I rebuild motorcycle to 72V system.

ALLTRAX AXE4844 (http://www.electricmotorsport.com/ev-parts/controllers/alltrax-axe4844-24-48v-400a.html)

No issues at all, it was barely hot when I used it. It has a RS232 port, I had Arduino connected which showed voltage and current on a small LCD screen. It has small dent, se pictures. The dent was there from Electricmotorsport, according to Alltrax and Electricmotorsport it is not issue, because there is no components under the dent.

Albright SW200 contactor with 48V coil, it handles up to 400 A continues current. Used one summer too.

Albright SW200 (http://www.electricmotorsport.com/ev-parts/contactors-relays/dc-main-contactors/albright-48v-sw200-style-400a-cont.html)

Agni 95R. 30 kW.6000 RPM.

From beginning i bought rwo motors from Atlanta, USA from a student team. They were never used. I bought those to my next build, but now I realise that I have no time to another build right now. I tested motors for few minutes when I received them.

One motor is sold, so i have only one now. Motor is set to run in one direction, but it takes 15 minutes to change it.

15 February 2015, 1650

Four more pictures

01 July 2015, 0500
Hi there. Do you still have the agni motor?

01 July 2015, 1008
Hi there.

I still have Agni motor.

08 February 2017, 1440