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01 March 2015, 0752
I was browsing ebay the other day and came across this (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brushless-Motor-11kW-EV-electric-bldc-perm-permanent-magnet-brammo-enertia-dc-ac-/271773482867?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f46f63f73&vxp=mtr). Thought someone might be interested.

It looks like it is a Heinzmann PMS120 (more info here (http://www.heinzmann.com/en/electric-motors-and-hybrid-drives/pancake/synchronous-motor))

01 March 2015, 1736
Might be a good motor, just make SURE its a sin/cos encoder. The enertia ones were a different type and could only be used with a specific controller.

Its pretty small and OK for low power stuff.

09 March 2015, 0537
Under this title on ebay there's a Heinzmann pms 120, rated mysteriously low at 2.0kW. Is that a function of the controller parameters?


10 March 2015, 1922
Heinzmann rates the motor at 2.2-7kw air cooled and 2.2-11kw liquid. The voltage and current supplied by the controller will determine how much power the motor can draw from the battery (really you could think of the controller drawing from the battery and then supplying the motor). The motor is also rated for 48-560Vdc, so the low end of the power range corresponds with the low end of the voltage range, assuming you are supplying rated current. The peak power while liquid cooled is higher because the heat extraction is better than air. The low end power is not effected so much by cooling, as long as you aren't overheating it, because there is a point where adding more current just further saturates the core and there are greatly diminishing returns (and a lot more heat).

17 June 2015, 0529
Does anyone have first-hand know-how to change the parameters of the ADC 4805 PERM controller??? I have three of them, all set to 2600 rpm, 2kw. I've tried a chinese CAN bus, but cannot break into the operating system of the PERM. Yes, I've downloaded Heinzmann's motor analytics. I'd like to get my PMS 126 motors to be fed to 7.0 kW. No such luck so far--NO skill on my part.....

28 June 2015, 0643
Thanks Frodus for your pm's. I'm learning..... As CaptainKlapton points out, it's the controller that's the deliverer. The controllers with the PMS 126 afe not built to deliver more than around 2kw. This is probably a rant best placed elsewhere, but: controller basic info, and specs, is info hard to come by. I think PERM (de.) originally put together the ACD4805. Then Kollmorgen had a hand in it. Then Danaher. InMotion had its name on it. And now I think there's an Italian company in the picture. Next in my rant, the output. Everyone likes to quote highest number, which is a one minute or two minute cycle, which for EV's is not too likely; finding the 60 minute rating is yet another challenge. Then there's the determination of controller type, AC or DC, and in the AC brushless PM what type of signal encoder is used. Try getting all that from a mfg or seller's website.....