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Harold in CR
24 March 2015, 1811
Getting ready to build my reverse tadpole and bought a Chevy Volt battery. I will sell 3-4--48V 45Ahr modules.
Battery has 17000 miles according to the recycling yard I bought it from. Could make 2 modules 96V 45Ahr pack or 1 pack at 144V 45Ahr pack from 3 modules.

Battery is in Vero Beach, Fl at my son's house. BMS Modules available, also, including the whole front electronics section.

Others are asking $950.00 +S&H. I will take $650.00 + S&H PER MODULE. That's just under .35 whr.

PM for any questions. Thanks, Harold

25 March 2015, 0332
Howdy Harold,

I've a lad looking for me to refit his Vectix VX-1 on the cheap and these might suit. In the configuration listed I'd need 3 of them for use in series - what are the dimensions of the modules?
How would you feel about arranging shipping to Ireland?


25 March 2015, 0446
...actually - there's a bit of conflicting info in your post as I look at it more closely.

Are these the 45V 45Ah modules (http://hybridautocenter.com/HAC4/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=product&task=show&cid=79&name=2kw-h-lithium-battery-pack-chevrolet-volt-45v-45ah-12-cells&Itemid=605), ie: the 2kWh units; or the 88V 45Ah modules (http://hybridautocenter.com/HAC4/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=product&task=show&cid=80&name=4kw-h-lithium-battery-pack-chevrolet-volt-88v-45ah-24-cells&Itemid=605), ie: the 4kWh units?

Your price suggests the latter, but your spec suggests the former.

Harold in CR
25 March 2015, 0825
First, I made a typo on the price. I will take $650.00 + S&H PER MODULE. Each module is 9" long X 9 1/2" wide X 12" high with the BMS module. 48V 45Ahr per module. The link you sent is a TYPO on their website. We checked Voltage with a VOM and got 49V etc. per module.
3 modules in series would be 144V at 45Ahr or 6Kwh.

Also have the hoses and connecting plates to water cool the pack. All up, for BMS modules, electronic front section and water cooling hoses and ports, I would take $2200.00 + S&H.

I will look into shipping TO Ireland, but, you must handle the taxes, etc. Where would the pkg be offloaded for customs ?

25 March 2015, 1758
Hey Harold.

I am definitely interested. But I need a little clarification. It seems that 48V 45Ahr 2kWh modules (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/45Ah-Lithium-Battery-LiFePo4-EV-PHEV-eBike-46V-48V-88V-Chevrolet-Volt-Leaf-/251892681126?) seem to be going for $485 new. And they seem to be around 9"x9" footprint.
The 88V 45Ahr 4kWh modules (2X the 2kWh modules) seem to be going for $945 and seem to be about 9"x18" footprint.
So, which modules do you have?

Harold in CR
26 March 2015, 0543
Hi Joe
I have no idea how a company can advertise as NEW battery for the Volt. According to many people trying to buy them, direct from GM, they have not been successful or know of anyone that has bought one.

I do know of a scammer that offers NEW Volt batteries and overpriced underpowered electric motors, and he sells for over $800.00 for a 48V module.

i have the word from the recycler that the one I bought has 17000 on the car. Is that totally e-miles? don't know, so, COULD be lower E-miles ??

Also, Hybrid auto center lists the NOMINAL voltage of the battery. Manufacturers don't ?

Right now, I have 2 sets of 2--48V modules. They sit at 96V each module, unless I break a module down to 48V and 48V.

Don't know what else to say ?

Thanks, Harold

26 March 2015, 1138
Expect you're checking the voltage at full charge Harold - Vnom for 12 LMO cells in series is 45V, hot off the charger as much as 50V, and having settled after a full charge 49V aught to be about right.

Regardless, your price is too high I'm afraid.

Cheers anyway,

Harold in CR
27 March 2015, 0345
OK. 1 time reduction in price. Take $500.00 per module. Shipping to Ireland approx $500.00 to port of Cork. Need better address to give correct S&H charge. BMS Modules and electronics $150.00

27 March 2015, 0611
I think that can work - I'd be looking to take 3 of the packs from you, with shipping to Dublin, although if Cork is significantly cheaper then we'll do that instead.
I just need to get the final go from the fella I'm doing the work for - so I'll confirm with you later today.


27 March 2015, 0937
Harold, I sent you a message yesterday..

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Harold in CR
27 March 2015, 1219
Just replied to you Joe. Been kinda busy.

Thanks, Harold

30 March 2015, 0711

If these are still available, I'll gladly pay $500 plus S/H for two 48v modules (4kw/h total) Shipping is to 89506. Thanks!


30 March 2015, 0818
Dude, he's selling them for $500 per 2kwh...

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Harold in CR
30 March 2015, 0913
Yes, this is correct, $500.00/ 2KW pack=.25/watt hour

Harold in CR
31 March 2015, 0928
Anyone interested in these at $450.00 before I crate them up for shipping home on Thursday?

Harold in CR
27 April 2015, 1226
batteries have been SOLD.

Scott Glen
06 May 2015, 1031
48vdc Volt batteries 45ah 2kw $500 available at scottglen@email.com