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24 April 2015, 1342
I bought a lot of 2 BRAND NEW Vicor DC-DC converters from a guy so I have an extra one

It is a V72B15E250BL2

72v nominal input (43-100v input range)
15v 250w output ( voltage can easily be trimmed down with a single resistor )
Has Disable pin

Here's the Datasheet (http://www.digchip.com/datasheets/download_datasheet.php?id=2050394&part-number=V72B15E250BL2)

The page on the Vicor Website (http://www.vicorpower.com/products?productType=cfg&productKey=V72B15C250BL)

Here are the instructions on how to trim the output voltage. (http://asp.vicorpower.com/calculators/calculators.asp?calc=1)

It nice and small, 2.28" x 2.2" x 0.5" (57,9 x 55,9 x 12,7 mm) in size and looks like this :
It costs $165.00 from DigiKey (http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/V72B15E250BL2/V72B15E250BL2-ND/3003627) or Vicor.

I'm looking for $99 shipped in USA or Canada, an extra $10 bucks for shipping if you are on a different continent.

It is brand new, never used.

24 April 2015, 1649
Does it only have one output? I'm looking for a dc-dc with 2 outputs (12-14v for lighting and 24v for a fan and axe controller).

26 April 2015, 1742
Nope, sorry, only one output. What does the AXE need 24v for?

26 April 2015, 1935
sorry, not axe, its the SPM72400. The KSI circuit on a SPM is 24v minimum.

26 April 2015, 2328
sorry, not axe, its the SPM72400. The KSI circuit on a SPM is 24v minimum.

You can run the pack voltage to the KSI, I'm using a Solid State relay rated for the DC voltage to switch the KSI, the KSI amperage is very low <20ma. I think the relay cost me $8.

29 July 2015, 1808
Do you still have this for sale?

29 July 2015, 1817
Yep still have it.

29 July 2015, 1825
Whats the factory output set at?

29 July 2015, 1826
I think this will work for me as I plan on using it with 2 different pack voltages, one at 60v and one at 90v.

29 July 2015, 1828
Output is 15v. It can be easily trimmed with a single resistor. I am going to use it on a 90v pack and trim it down to about 13.8v I think.

29 July 2015, 1839
I think 250 w will be enough for fan, lights and a blender for making margaritas.

29 July 2015, 1840
just kidding on that last part. SOLD... send me an invoice. will you do paypal?

29 July 2015, 2221
PM me your PayPal email address

30 July 2015, 0708
PM sent. Phil Opps....just noticed there's a 2nd page and Stevo likely bought it!

30 July 2015, 1235


Jonny Panic
30 July 2015, 1243
Does anybody know how to fasten onto those pins for the vicor? Do we solder directly to them?

30 July 2015, 1328
They do sell surface mount sockets (https://www.google.ca/search?q=vicor+surfmate&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAmoVChMImaqnmNiDxwIVipWICh2dMA9T&biw=1411&bih=846#imgrc=_) but they're kinda expensive. I think I'm just going to solder some leads (maybe some small ring terminals) to the pins