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27 June 2015, 1552
So I finally got tired of reading about everyone's progress and I decided to jump in with both feet! Originally, I was planning on going with a tried and true DC setup, but I saw this Remy motor on ebay and I just couldn't resist. I've been in contact with one of the guys from Remy over the past few weeks, but have managed to get surprisingly little info about the motor.

In a nutshell, this is what he said:
It's not an HVH250, as advertised on the ebay listing, but it is a cartridge motor like they use in the hybrid BMW X6 transmission
It was designed for 320VDC, 300A peak
Max speed is 14,000RPM (????)
MUST be actively cooled

Now all this seems reasonable, except for the 14k rpm :O

From what I've been able to gather across the net:
The HVH250 has become very popular in racing applications
Rinehart is the preferred controller to use with this setup, given it's out of the box programming
A custom enclosure will have to be build to house the motor & cooling oil

So does anyone else have any more info that could help me with this setup? The controller is my biggest concern. The Rinehart controller that was recommended doesn't come cheap....but I'd like to believe that's not my only option.

27 June 2015, 1759
Wavesculptor is a good controller on a reasonable price and you can send the motor to them to have a good tuning

27 June 2015, 1934
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, the WaveSculptor22 is priced even higher than the Rinehart controller I was looking at.

Are there any options for a motor controller shy of $5k?

28 June 2015, 0326
Depends on what kind of preformance you want. That will dicate you controller.

The motor is located in Germany. So shipping may be expensive

Another thing is, you have to get the shaft mated to some other thing to get it to power you wheel/s.

Also do you know what encoder is on this motor?

28 June 2015, 0430
Wavesculptor 22 is a very high efficiency controller for solar car , for your motor you should use the wavesculptur 200 http://tritium.com.au/products/wavesculptor200-motor-inverter/

28 June 2015, 1019
Rinehart is a great choice too, with built in support for the hvh250 already. Pretty proven track record for Remy motors IMHO. They're solid.... bought and sold 8 of them now... and no one has complained.

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02 July 2015, 1923
Not sure about the specifics on the encoder. The most info I could find is here on page 23:


Even though my motor isn't the HVH250, I'm hoping this info will still be applicable.

Shipping wasn't too expensive. Overall, the motor cost me ~$700 to get to the states.