View Full Version : Twin HPEVS AC23 motor module

ARC EV Racing
11 July 2015, 1231
Dual Ac23 motor module. 160hp 230Mn torque.

Sprocket output. includes controllers. water cooling system. and race developed cooling/reliability upgrades.

requires 170v and 1000a pack for full performance.

Bullet proof set up.

perfect for car/boat/motorbike.

Serious enquiries only.

located in the UK but shipping can be arranged.



13 July 2015, 0411
Any more pics of drive output, dimensions etc please? What use had it seen? Why are you selling? Thanks


ARC EV Racing
13 July 2015, 0625
Sorry I don't have any really clear pictures of the output drive atm.

Essentially the sprocket runs in board of the outer motor case, we make new casings which include a double bearing.

Motors are driven together using a belt.

Motor plates are 482mm long, 295mm high and 248mm wide, basically consider a cube of those dimensions.

Its done about 50 miles tops. We are selling as with all race things you need to move on and we have a new power train.