View Full Version : Advice needed for new controller

15 August 2015, 1542
I have been using an electrified 2010 Yamaha Vino scooter for four and a half years for my commute. This thing here http://elmoto.net/come-on-in-/3105-day-guelph-ontario-canada.html. The little controller has finally died on me so I am looking at upgrading to a much better and more powerful controller. The original controller was a little 48V 40 amp controller that was adequate for the max speed of the scooter which is supposed to be 32 km/h. I did mod the controller 4 years ago to have a bit more speed and torque, so the scooter jumped to a whopping 45 km/h top speed. :rolleyes:
The scooter weighs in at 225 pounds and I am heavier at 255 pounds. The motor is a hub 500W. The plan is to replace the controller with one that, in the future, can give me a top speed of more than 70 km/h with torque to get there quickly once I replace that motor with something better and I make a new battery capable of handling it. I'm thinking a 72V 80Ah battery made of 18650 cells from a Tesla Model S would do the trick.

But for now, it's a controller I need, I was looking at Kelly, Golden Motors or Sabvoton. Is there other alternatives that would be better? One last thing, I'm on a tight budget. :o


edit: going to go with the new Kelly KLS7250D