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07 September 2015, 0810

I'm since 1 month an owner of a zero S (2012).
I've been living in France, near from Paris. I would like having information before park my zero outside, ie :
- always connect the zero
- protect the zero with a cover
- what else ?

Sometimes it snows, it freezes...

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards,


07 September 2015, 1454
I think you should read the owner's manual carefully to see what they recommend for long-term storage. Just remember that the Zero was developed in an area where it never snows or gets below freezing and rain isn't much of an issue, either.

I used to have a 2012 S, but gave it to my daughter and I now have a 2014 S. However, I never stored it outside and it never snows around here (I live 70 miles from the factory). My only suggestion is to take every step you can to keep the bike from getting wet and keep it plugged in all of the time. Just covering the bike is likely not enough. It would be better to invest in a covering system that uses a hard or semi-hard cover, which doesn't touch the bike and has some sort of active system to keep the inside of the cover dry. There are outdoor motorcycle storage systems that use a small fan to circulate air around the enclosure and other types that use a chemical drying compound to absorb any moisture that enters the enclosure. You might also consider storing the bike in one of those large plastic tool sheds that are sold in large hardware stores and drop a bag of chemical drying compound inside the enclosure. The electronics on the Zeros don't like to stay wet for long periods of time and very cold winter weather doesn't help, either.

08 September 2015, 1247
Hi Richard230.

Thanks a lot for your help. I will consider storing the bike in a large plastic or metal tool sheds with a bag of chemical drying compound.
I will search that on the web.


06 November 2015, 2227
The zero's 2014 and newer are very, very waterproof. They have learned from their mistakes from the past model years, and bikes moving forward are pretty dang good.

08 November 2015, 1116
I parked my 1998 Honda Transalp in rain and snow for years without any problem , bikes are made to stay in the rain (either parked or riding) , I know that early electric bike are more "prototype" than a 12 years refined enduro bike from one of the biggest brand but if we want to improve the EV world we need to make e-bike better than gas bike in every aspect.

I just bought one of the last Brammo made it will arrive next month , I'm sure will be a troublemaker bike because it was made with the brand shifting from one owner tho the other so with a lot of confusion on the assembly line but I hope to be able to fix everything.

Protecting a bike from water is a challenging task , you need to think "as a droplet" and try to catch and fix every route goes from the outside to some critical component , sometime the path is not clear because the drop follow one wire from the handlebar , drop on a lower wire and keep flowing reaching some vital component. Sometime the water will just stop somewhere inside the bike waiting for a change , from sidestand to riding , to make the mess, is really confusing riding a bike in the sun after one week from last rain and having problem for some water trapped somewhere inside the bike.

Anyway , parking the bike with a good plastic/traspirant bike cover and parking very close an house wall are good measure to protect the bike while parking but if you ride in the rain this will not help you.

On the Transalp and the other enduro bike I had a very good help was to use monthly a CRC5-56 or a CRC6-66Marine spry on ever comand , keyhole ,switch , wire exposed to rain , mostly on the handlebar. I think this helped a lot my bike to run always toubleless even in the worst condition.


rain is not something able to top a rider , you just need to have the right equipment.