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03 October 2010, 0744
Hello guys :)

I've been toying with a few ideas lately, one of which i need your assistance for.

Let's say that you wanna build a Segway, usuing enertrac hubs, don't mind the overkill factor ;)
You would want to stear the thing right? and since the wheel can't turn, you would need to controll the speed of the wheels in relation to each other via the signal coming from the throttle (potentiometer) and going to the two controllers (two hub motors - two controllers)

let's say you need to turn right corner at speed, you need the left wheel to overtake the right to make the turn - upped speed on the left hub (and maybe downed speed on the right hub)

How would you decrease or increase the signal (resistenace) coming going from the potentiometer and going to the respective controllers?

03 October 2010, 1040
If it was to be Segway - like, there would bea throttle circuit anyway to varry the throttle goung to the motor controllers in order to maintain balance. Then on top of that use a potentiometer to inpput to that circui and have the software buas the two controller outputs accordingly.

03 October 2010, 1142
well... i'm just using the segway as an example, i could just as well have used a tracked vehicle. The topic is just to figure out how to regulate the signal going to the controllers, making the vehicle turn the corner like mentioned above :)

03 October 2010, 1234
I'd still lean towards doing it with a circuit that uses an embedded microcontroller, that way it can have a throttle input, and a direction input, and scale how much to shift between the motors at different speeds. When you are stopped you might even reverse one side to pivot in place. At low speed you'd want to shift a large amount between the two sides, but at high speed, only a small amount.