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30 September 2015, 0323
Hello everybody.
I live in Tasmania, the small island state at the south east corner of Australia.
I have been an EV enthusiast since I read the Popular Mechanics article on the GM IMPACT concept car that eventually became EV1.
I have owned a Mitsubishi i MiEV electric car now for almost two years, and I have recently got more interested in electric motorbikes.
I am hoping to do a conversion before long, and I think a good place to start might be a bike.
Also, after having a go on my brother's Honda I just want a bike....
Hoping to be in a position to start next year, until then I will be learning and planning.

I'd love a Zero, but can't justify that money on a toy.

When I convert, it will need to meet the rules for learner riders here, the 660cc capacity limit doesn't apply, but 150kW/tonne will...

03 October 2015, 1340
Carnut1100 welcome and hello. I am in Canberra and did my own motorcycle conversion a few years back.
You might want to check what the LAMS (learner approved motorcycle scheme for non Aussies) says about modified bikes.

03 October 2015, 1455
Hello Mate :D :D

I will be Observer at the World Solar Challenghe , if you like to have an elmoto meeting we can meet either in Darwin ( from 8 oct to 17 oct) or in Adelaide ( from 25 to 28 oct)

05 October 2015, 0557
AFAIK modifying a bike will remove its LAMS status.
I have had preliminary talks with a guy from Transport and it might be possible to get a mod plate certifying that the bike meets LAMS rules.
Would need dyno testing etc to verify the power/weight and so forth.

I've got a bit of experience messing about with hot rods and car engine swaps etc, but almost none with bikes.

It will depend on personal and finance constraints whether I do a bike first or a ute.
I work as a landscape gardener and it would be awesome to have an electric work ute, but for the weight I tow and range I need I would be looking at something like an HPEVS twin-35 motor and 40-50kWh of batteries so not a cheap project.
That relies on certain things turning out a certain way.
Otherwise a conversion will need to be a lot cheaper, and a bike both tickles my fancy and ticks the cheaper box.

I might have a free donor bike, a Honda Hornet with a dead motor, but that would end up as a naked bike and I'd prefer fully faired.
The Suzukis seem to have a good frame with lots of battery space so they are high on my list, some Kawasakis too.
Mostly it will probably depend on what comes up in decent nick at non stupid price...