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04 November 2015, 0630
:o Hi everyone, first of all i want to start off with my introduction - some of you already know me, but i wont mention their names, i'll let them do that - you all need to know that i am transgendered and i am in transition, but it hasnt stopped me from my love of fabricating and building and riding electric motorcycles...

if you have a problem with me being here, just say so - otherwise im here to talk electric motorcycles...

With that all said a lot has happened to me and my custom built chopper - which i would like to mention to all of the newbies here, that without the good folks on elmoto, this build would not of been possible - it has changed a lot since the last time i was on here a few years ago. for those who already knows about the changes my bike went through, i can finally disclose who and where i got these new prototype NCM lithium batteries and now i can finally let you all in on the secret and now you all can obtain them too...


im not a sales person for them, but rather a fellow hobbyist who loves electric motorcycles, all i want to do is give you the same opportunity to the same batteries that i have, otherwise good luck finding them...

i will, a little at a time give you all the technical peeps as to what i have been doing - and no need to debate its configuration because is already running and doing its thing successfully - much like this video i cant stand still - Alaena...


by the way i have ten prototype NCM lithium batteries that came from a prototype E500 Fiat by the Fiat Motor Company, the batteries are made in Germany...

04 November 2015, 0650
Hey buddy, great to hear from you !

04 November 2015, 0652
its good to be back Bro - and Thank You...

04 November 2015, 0702
Here is a closer look at those NCM Lthium cells...



also it has already made its introduction at our first EV Vehicle show here in oklahoma city...


04 November 2015, 1139
How stiff are these cells ? any data to share, voltage sag versus amps ?

.. and cool now we have more girls on the forum :cool:

04 November 2015, 1234
well i can tell you is as much as i was able to absorb when i was standing there with thousands of these cells surrounding me - in other words in one ear and out the other with my jaw dragging on the floor - i know they can take a 100 amp charge, the max out at 4 volts per cell and settle down to 3.8 volts - i can drain them down to 2 volts per cell, and they need special setting on a typical rc car charger set at 3.7 volts LiLo settings, which it peaks at 4volts and the cells except it and settle at 3.8 volts - sound scrazy but it works...


but the fellow who answer your questions is Bryan - here is his email, bryan.schultz@spiersnt.com

just mention that AJ sent you - i want to get him to join us here because he is our battery expert and supplier, when it comes to EV's here in oklahoma city...

phone 1-405-740-0757

04 November 2015, 1243

04 November 2015, 1244
And for those who dont know me, here is steampunk...


04 November 2015, 1536
Welcome back! Missed your builds.

04 November 2015, 1616
Bikes look awesome as ever. Glad to see you back on the forum.

04 November 2015, 1859

also it has already made its introduction at our first EV Vehicle show here in oklahoma city...


I'm not usually one for the chopper look, but that's a good looking build there.

04 November 2015, 2047
Sweet bikes! Love EV cruisers.

05 November 2015, 0708
Thank You everyone, i may of been away but i have building like crazy over here, never and end to it - and Thank You for the acceptance, i cant even begin to tell you how hard that issue is to deal with, but my friends my job and my family are all behind me and very supportive along with some other good friends, i just hope Shelina http://www.shezracing.com/ is still here, she has been totally awesome and very excepting to me and invited me to join her girls moto camp which i plan to attend soon, its been an amazing journey and its just beginning...

anyway i will be checking out everyones builds and upgrades and see who the new folks are, it reminds me so much when i came here with big ideals but the lack of knowledge to make it happen, and you fellows educated me very well, now i can build these bikes in my sleep, and of course there is no end to my brain farts LOL, it truly is good to be back...

28 April 2016, 1359
Very cool bikes, very good metal work. The frame I have is similar, I just hope mine turns out half as nice! The steam punk design is very original.