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19 November 2015, 1348
Im really confused, i cant find sprockets for motenergy me 1004 shaft. If it will be possible, in europe. I need to use 520 chain, can anybody help me ? I need 12 - 15 teeth sprockets. Thanks a lot for help.

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19 November 2015, 2036
It has a 1" shaft, right? What's the problem?


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19 November 2015, 2144
Those are coupler sprockets. I think what you want are these:http://www.surpluscenter.com/Power-Transmission/Sprockets/Finished-Bore-Sprockets/

Also, the size 50 chain sprockets,like from the Surplus Center, will need to be machined thinner from .343" (~8.7mm) to .227" (~5.8mm) to fit the 520 chain that bedacz wants to use. This could be difficult because the teeth are heat treated (hardened), but not impossible. Sometimes the motorcycle chain does not have a good fit on the industrial sprockets even though they're made to the same nominal specs.-the tolerances could be different. Make sure all of the corners of the teeth are chamfered and cleaned up.

20 November 2015, 0058
Can you use 530 chain instead, it will be much easier to find sprockets on Ebay.

20 November 2015, 1442
I don't know about European suppliers, but what you need is a standard #50 sprocket with 1" bore, machined down to fit 520 chain. 0.227" (5.77mm) wide is correct as stated above. Most sprockets aren't hardened unless it says so specifically, so you can have them turned on a lathe. I've done this with all my sprockets.

If you can use 530 chain then a #50 sprocket will work without modification.

20 November 2015, 2337
Try these guys in France:

23 November 2015, 1639
How about for 15mm or 20mm shafts like the RV-120 and RV-160 (for my scooter re-conversion)