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30 November 2015, 1604
Hello, trying to get a feel for whether or not people would be wanting to purchase part or all of my parts. I'm trying to figure out some financial stuff and might need to part the bike I've been working on. Here is the bike thread if you wanna take a look: http://elmoto.net/showthread.php?t=2965

37: 75AH 3.7 LiNiMgCoO2 Dow Kokam Pouch Cells (~$6,400)
2: Kelly KHB14601 144 Volt 600Amp controllers (~$3,600)
2: Enertrac Dual MHM602 Liquid cooled Hub Motors (~$3,400)
1: Current Ways 3KW charger Liquid Cooled (~$2,000)
1: Orion 48 Cell BMS with 700Amp current sensor (~$1,200)
1: Vicor 12 VDC (up to 150 Volts in) 250Watt DC-DC Converter with terminal interface (~$250)
1: 12 Volt 400 Amp Kelly Contractor (~$60)
1: 76 Volt Kelly Contractor (~$60)

Obviously if i were going to sell any of it, I would like to sell all of it. So I also have the read wheel with a custom fit job from Mark at Enertrac. I have the rolling chassis of the 1993 Honda CBR600f2. I have new tires, disk brakes. I also have a bunch of other random stuff. I have already constructed polycarbonate boxes and Cell Tab connections.

Feel Free to Private Message me or post if you are interested in anything from the bike. In total I have about $20,000 invested into the bike so far. Feel Free to visit my website page as well to check out some picks: project-renovation.bitballoon.com

01 December 2015, 1326
That's a bummer dude. I've been watching your thread to see what you think of the Dual Enertrac motors. How far did you get putting it together? BTW, where are you located?

06 December 2015, 1201
Yea it is, but I guess these things happen. Its not over for sure, just trying to figure it out.

I haven't made any progress is several months. I have the battery boxes mostly constructed. Need to rewire the BMS and work for the circuit for hooking it up.