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28 February 2016, 2357
Controller is sold!

06 March 2016, 1845
Price drop, $385 shipped. Any takers?

07 March 2016, 1655
From where do you ship?

How long did you use it? which application?

08 March 2016, 0659
I'd prefer to keep shipping in the U.S. 48 states, but I'm flexible if the the buyer wants to make up the difference so I'm paying a standard shipping rate.

I bought it a while ago, 2013. This controller was used shortly on 2 separate builds, one of which was featured on "Outrageous Acts of Science" TV show on the Science channel. It was a 3-wheel land driven airplane propeller car. We drove that around intermittently for a day or so. I most recently used it on a ~1000 lb dune buggy, capable of 60 mph. It had excellent acceleration in lower gears, but it couldn't sustain long term highway speeds in higher gears like I needed without overheating. (Alltrax detects high temps and lowers power in those situations). I drove it about 10-20 miles or so on the dune buggy in total. I probably could have added more air cooling on the controller to fix it, but I ended up buying a SPM-72650 instead. The SPM-72400 is genuinely better suited for a motorcycle or a racing kart.

I have a few videos of it while it was in the buggy.
First gear power:
and actual drive:

After spirited hard braking and acceleration in such a large vehicle with no airflow inside my battery box, it went into protect. I decided to change equipment rather than deal with it. It's been my money pit, so I'd like to buy some batteries to extend the range with the proceeds of this sale.

Ken Will
08 March 2016, 1008
From where do you ship?

The address is classified by Navel Intelligence, But is approximately the same distance from Boston,MA., Jacksonville,Fla., and Indianapolis, Indiana.

10 March 2016, 0727
Would anyone be interested in a COMPLETE setup?

I actually have a ME1003 motor, CNC machined aluminum motor mount, SPM-72400 controller, 72v 400A contactor with flyback diode & precharge resistor, and 0-5v twist grip hall throttle, custom 12v cooling fan and mounting bracket for continuous power handling. If anyone wants this for $1200 shipped. I don't care if I sell it all separate, but this is a decent discount for an all-at-once sale.

Edit: $1100 if you want to pick it up in Portsmouth VA.

13 March 2016, 0744
Sorry, but brand new kit cheaper... http://www.evdrives.com/product_p/ck-1003.htm

13 March 2016, 1145
I wouldn't say that's cheaper. The kit you linked is $1155.95 for the same parts not including shipping, and the cheapest (UPS ground) option says $55. That's $1210 shipped, and it doesn't include the CNC machined aluminum motor mount, cooling fan, or bracket.

This is the motor mount:
Here is an image of the cooling fan/bracket adapted to the motor:

I appreciate you posting that link though; I didn't realize the generic kits had become that cheap. I'll be happy to knock off another $100. I can accept $1100 shipped or $1000 pickup in Portsmouth VA.

20 August 2016, 1557
Is the controller sold?