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07 March 2016, 2002
Meanwell HLG-185-48a
Vin: 90-264 VAC
Adjustable Voltage Out: 43-53 vdc range
Adjustable Current Out: 1.95-3.9A range
187.2 watts Max
Voltage/Current adjusts with 2 pots
Condition is NEW, unboxed.

I'm going to be using two of these for my 11 module leaf pack to charge up to 89V
Will charge at CC then auto-switch to CV to top up.

There's a qty 15 lot on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/new-LOT-OF-15-MEAN-WELL-MW-HLG-185-48A-LED-DRIVER-POWER-SUPPLY-/322013389639?hash=item4af97e6347:g:dPIAAOSwB4NWx3b C&autorefresh=true

I don't need them all.
Make me an offer if you want one or two.
Looks like my cost is about 21$ CAD each, landed.

I'm in British Columbia, CANADA.

08 March 2016, 0047
Do you realize that it will take over 15 hours to charge an empty 11 module leaf pack with 2 of these? If you only need to ever charge overnight then it will work fine.

08 March 2016, 1415
I have a 1kw bulk charger. These are just to top it off. If no one needs any of these I'll probably just parallel 14 of them up and make a 2.5kw stand alone charger.

09 March 2016, 0335
Careful doing that - there will be variance in the precision of the voltage control on each unit, placing them directly into parallel will likely cause significant conflict between them at the top of the charge.
You'd need to install diode protection onto the high side of each charger to stop them from trying to drive or load each other and then compensate for that in your charge termination setpoint as appropriate.

Not a difficult thing to do but absolutely critical.

If I were near you I'd have been happy to take a couple of them but I expect that shipping will eliminate and value from the equation in my case. ;-)

03 April 2016, 1825
PM sent.