View Full Version : 2001 Yamaha Electric FZ1 - For Sale in Illinois

Don Kroesch
09 April 2016, 1216
Bike has been sold - Conversion done with information gathered on this forum. Thanks for all of the help. 6948Yamaha FZ1 converted to electric power. AC-15 with Curtis 1238-6501 with the programmer for the controller. (cost $3,965.00) Elite Power Solutions 72volt - 4.6 Kw - battery system with BMS, charger and display. (cost $3,169.00). 2001 Yamaha FZ1. Full size comfortable motorcycle.(Purchased used for $2,250.00). Over $2,000.00 misc. parts to complete the conversion. Geared for 80 mph - 50 mile range. Weighs 25 lbs. lighter than with its original I.C.E. Built in 2012. Will sell for the cost of the motor system and battery system. If you don't like my motorcycle, you still have a great head start on building your own. Sale price = $7,125.00. email = DFKroesch (at) aol (dot) com. Phone (eight - one - five) 341-6768. Bike is located in Joliet, IL.

Don Kroesch
02 May 2016, 0540
OK. Let me try again. I have too may hobbies and not enough time. I would like this motorcycle to find a good home. Price reduced to $5,000.

02 May 2016, 0706
If i hadnt started on my project i would have picked this up. Good luck on your sale!

12 September 2016, 1707
Thanks again Don. I registered today and rode 25 miles and still had plenty of juice left :cool:

13 September 2016, 1355
are you still trying to wipe that ear to ear grin from your face?!

Don Kroesch
16 September 2016, 0545
Andrew. I am glad the bike found a good home. Please ride safely.

01 October 2016, 0655
It's hard not lol as you ride it; And the looks you get are priceless :)