View Full Version : 1985 Kawasaki Ninja rolling chassis + motor, controller, charger

17 April 2016, 1944
I have a 1985 Kawasaki Ninja rolling chassis. Its a really cool bike, and I have all the fairings. I originally built it as a 48 volt system, and was in the process building the next, faster version. My life has taken a few turns and I need to get rid of the project. (I will be moving soon and don't want to take the bike with me).

The rolling chassis will make a great foundation for a new project! Tires are brand new. Fairings are in excellent condition. Wiring harness is fully functional, includes LED headlights, taillights, and blinkers. I don't have a hard price set, so make me an offer!

Other things I'm selling:

Motenergy 0708 Motor
Alltrax AXE 4844 Motor Controller
Zivan NG1 Battery Charger
Sevcon DC DC converter

Once again, don't have hard prices set and really want to get rid of stuff, so make me an offer. I'm located in Ann Arbor, MI. I am willing to ship components (buyer pays), however the rolling chassis is local pickup only, unless you'd like to coordinate having it shipped.