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02 June 2016, 0633
Here we have essentially a new Agni 95R that I bought a couple years ago from a reputable member of the forum who is also in EV sales in real life. I'm asking only what I paid for it. I've never used it(other than bench powering it with <24V) and as far as I can tell, it has never been installed or run as there are no fastener marks on the output shaft and the brushes look pristine.

$575 shipped (cont. USA only)


13 June 2016, 1732
Bump with price reduction.

19 June 2016, 1623
Would you consider posting it to the UK? If so any ideas of shipping costs?
(It looks to me like DHL could do it for ~$120 though that was with guessed weight and size)

23 November 2016, 1611
Sale pending!