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05 October 2010, 1921
I am having trouble replying to posts. When i try to type in the text area, the whole thing highlights completely white so I can't see my font at all. I have to click somewhere else on the page to get the white to disapear so I can see what I typed.

I am using google chrome and a mac pc.

At work I have a pc with I.E. , works fine once I click the remove formatting button.

That does not work with my home computer.

Any thoughts?

05 October 2010, 1955
Ditto....same complaint on IPAD. I can remove the formatting for IE on the PC, but on an IPAD running Safari, that option is not available. Makes it a royal pain to respond.

05 October 2010, 1956
The same thing is happening here, I use Mozilla. I have to "switch editor mode" so that I can see the font I'm typing. I don't think it your computer.

Tony Coiro
05 October 2010, 2158
I'm glad this is happening to you guys I just figured there was some button I accidentally pressed . I've been typing in word and then pasting in.

05 October 2010, 2234
Looks like some of the CSS got messed up recently. :(

06 October 2010, 0927
Me too, on Firefox and IE under Windows, and Dolphin under Android.

06 October 2010, 1120
Sorry, trying to change the chatbox background color. I affected the wrong box apparently.

06 October 2010, 1138
Woot i can see!

06 October 2010, 1305
Still not good when in 'dark vision' mode. i.e. turns white when clicked


06 October 2010, 1311
Are you talking about the Quick Reply box that you type in?

06 October 2010, 1325
Are you talking about the Quick Reply box that you type in?
Yes sir. It's in the quick reply and in the advanced reply, too. The text box becomes very light gray and the text is white. Almost impossible to see.

06 October 2010, 1326
It is different to the other day when the reply box turned white, now it's more of an ivory so you can 'just' see the white text.

edit :Beat me to it Harry!

06 October 2010, 1329
Mike, the quick reply box for now is now a pretty light grey with white text. It's still kinda difficult to read.

06 October 2010, 1427
yes. ooo. it looks awesome now, the type is black with a white field. mike. does this box make my butt look white?

06 October 2010, 1434
I had the same problem, which started last week, so I started pushing virtual buttons and managed to find the "default" setting in a box at the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Now my screen is white with black lettering and pastel green bars separating the posts, much more like the other three message boards that I visit. I am a happy camper again. Before that I was going crazy - and blind, too.

Ted, I can see your bike, but not your butt.

06 October 2010, 1552
Is this better?

06 October 2010, 1619
my butt? yes, it's better. thanks for asking.

06 October 2010, 1639
Wow, it's really bright in here now, I need my sunglasses. I can get used to this. The reply issues seem to be solved. Thanks!

06 October 2010, 1749
Thanks for fixing things up elmotogurusuperuberforumguy