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08 July 2016, 1455
[IMPORTANT} I No longer have used chargers left, but I can provide new chargers of any current offering of DeltaQ chargers (48/72/96V) if needed.

[Used chargers have been SOLD]

I've got a few used DeltaQ 72V chargers that were removed from working EV's and wanted to see if other DIY EV guys wanted them. The white enable wire has been permanently wired to B- so the charger is always enabled.

12A max
912-7200 (http://www.fullriverbattery.com/product/chargers/912-7200)

Programmed with Lithium Profiles below:
#67: (72V 73.8V)
#128: (72V 82.044V)
#211: (72V 83.16V)
#163: (72V 85.5V)
#53: (72V 87.588V)
#123: (72V 89.1V)
#164: (72V 91.188V)
#135: (72V 93.384V)
#177: (72V 98.532V)

Asking $250 each plus shipping (About $20 in the lower 48). These were programmed as of 7/17/2016 with all of the algorithms above.

18 July 2016, 0822
Updated info above.

20 July 2016, 0522
Hey frodus, I am looking for something to suit my project.
I haven't yet bought batteries but I expect to get as close to 72v as possible, but it looks like i might have a 30/45/60v pack while I'm getting things worked out.
Would any of your chargers suit my needs?
I can't find specs on the physical size would you consider those on board chargers ?

20 July 2016, 0733
What I need to know is what type of battery and how many in series.

Batteries are usually listed with their nominal voltages, but we need to know fully charged limit. 12V car batteries actually charge to over 15V when charging. LiFePo4 say they're 3.3V nominal, but they charge to ~3.7V. NMC are 3.7V nominal, but can charge up to ~4.2V.

So for instance:
You have 20 series wired NMC batteries, so nominal is 74V, but that won't charge the batteries. They need to charge to higher than that. I don't recommend charging to right at the upper limit, so lets say we aim for 4.1V per cell. That would mean the charger needs to get to 82V, which is algorithm #128.

Lets say you switch for some reason to 24 in series of LiFePo4, Nominal is 79.2V, but I want to get to 3.65V per cell for a upper charge limit of 87.6V. I'd use Algorithm #53.

Also, chargers have a "range" too. a 72V charger isn't EXACTLY 72V. The specs will list the usable range. It may be a 72V nominal controller, but is actually a "range". It may go up to 90VDC or higher, and as low as 60VDC.

20 July 2016, 0821
I'm definitely interested in one ASAP!

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20 July 2016, 0833
email me (in my sig) and I can get you an invoice via paypal. I'm out all next week on vacation, so the sooner I can get paid the sooner I can ship. They're ready to go, just need to throw in a box.

2 available right now (before nealwallace).

21 July 2016, 0347
Hey Frodus,
Thanks for your reply.
Please bare with me, I'm not trying to be difficult I'm just not as well versed in this stuff as the rest of the forum.
It has always been my plan to use 4 Nissan Leaf cells to get me to 60v and then should I ever get enough moneys move to 8. two 60v packs in parallel.
Does this answer your question adequately ?

21 July 2016, 2006
No worries at all, no apology needed!

Nissan Leaf cells are 2 LiMn cells in series, 2 in parallel. They do have 4 cells in them, but they're already wired in series/parallel. They're 3.8V nominal each parellel pair of cells, so 7.6V each Battery module. 4 of these modules are only 30.4V. You'd need 8 of these modules in series to get 60.8V nominal (this is 16 actual cells in series, 2 in parellel,or 16s2p).
More info here:

With 8 cells, I'd stop at around 4.1V ending charge voltage on each cell, so that'd be 65.6V. This is lower than my lowest algorithm, so this charger wouldn't be good if you are only doing 16s2p.

The only way this charger would work for you, is if you jumped up to at least 18 cells (9 modules in series) to get to 68.4V nominal and 73.8V, which is my lowest profile. Past that you can grow the pack up to 98.5V fully charged, or 24 cells in series (divide 98.5 by 4.1V to get ~24).

So this charger would work on 18s up to 24s of Leaf batteries.

Hope that helped.

22 July 2016, 0652
Hey Frodus,
I think I could do with giving this a bit more thought after reading your comments.
My main concern is you are talking about a max 73.8v, but my controller is only rated to 72v.
Do you think the 1.8v difference would damage an Alltrax SPM-72400 ?
thanks and regards :)

Ken Will
22 July 2016, 1139
t my controller is only rated to 72v.
Do you think the 1.8v difference would damage an Alltrax SPM-72400 ?
thanks and regards :)

Alltrax manual says their 72 volt controllers will handle up to 90 volts

23 July 2016, 1205
Hey frodus, I think I'd like to buy one the chargers with the algorithm for the 9 leaf module setup.
I'll pm you about the details tomorrow

30 August 2016, 1202
All are sold, but I can sell new chargers