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30 August 2016, 1816
Hi, just posting because im not a bot and would like to keep the account.

I have a general interest in electric vehicles and have a 750W ebike.I dont have any firm plans for a new build/vehicle but would like to keep this account so I can do research and draw from the wealth of knowledge on this forum.

31 August 2016, 0024
No bot either... halfway through a conversion that's been stalled for 4 years...

03 September 2016, 0626
If I was a bot, I'd never grow old. :-) I haven't been able to get anywhere on here for a month. I hope that whatever was clogging the site up is fixed.

Thanks, Warren

Still no motorcycle, but over 30K miles on my two electric assist bicycles, since September 7th, 2011.

24 September 2016, 0557
Also not a bot a want to keep my account. I want to build an electric bike when money allows. In the mean time i've started designing one which I may post about in the projects section.

17 January 2017, 0948
I'm totally a bot.

Or am I?!

18 January 2017, 0815
Not a bot either but would also like to keep my account for more than a week.

24 October 2017, 1139
Looking forward to learn some more on this forum.

23 December 2017, 1601
Hi, not a bot either. I don’t know if I would be able to build a electric motorcycle one day but I am interested in learning more on this topic.