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09 September 2016, 0821
Would one of you happen to know the brand and model encoder used on the HPEVS AC motors.

09 September 2016, 1404
Mine needed to be replaced on an AC30 and although I figured out the manufacturer, the part was an OEM spec and thus not available (cheep) off the shelf... Hope that helps. Bill at HPEVs found me one off a junk motor or out of a drawer of parts. Check with them.

09 September 2016, 1515
Let me know, I sell HPEVS equipment and parts and can get you one no problem.

11 September 2016, 0709
Hi guys I appreciate the replies. I spoke to a guy at HPEVS whose name I think was Bill and he quoted a price of $50 for that encoder. That doesn't seem bad but it isn't for one of those motors. I've bought two induction motors. One is a lesson the other is a gm eassist motor. They'll be used with Sevcon espAC. The leeson motor has no encoder and the gm has a resolver to my understanding. The espAC and Gen4 mmanuals both spec either a constant current or open collector encoder.

11 September 2016, 1012
You'll just need to follow the specs in the espAC controller manual. The encoder is programmable as far as the pulses per revolution. I think they're AB encoders, but you'd need to check. I doubt the encoder would be the same for you as with the HPEVS motors.

11 September 2016, 2044
I doubt the encoder would be the same for you as with the HPEVS motors.

Why do you say that?
I figured if they were AB encoders then it would be a matter of configuring the parameters in DVT like thePPR. The manual mentions the same SKF or Thalheim eencoders as the Gen4 manual but those seem pricey.

12 September 2016, 0727
Physically different I mean. The encoders they have are made to fit the HPEVS motors on the non-drive end bell, beneath the fan.

12 September 2016, 1710
Here's a picture of the two motors

What would be a suitable encoder and where would it be bought. I looked on Mouser and digikey and found an HEDS 5500-S13

That's why I was trying to find data on the hpevs encoder to compare and contrast as that one is a know used item.