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07 October 2010, 0909
So have any pictures surfaced yet? It was supposed to be unveiled at the San Jose Battery show the 5th through 7th.

I'm expecting we're going to see a hub motor in the front wheel.

07 October 2010, 0914
Here are is one photo. The "guy in gray" 's face about sums it up. "Well...... huh."


07 October 2010, 0918
Here are some more



Still...... huh.....

07 October 2010, 0930
Wow, so not a separate generator up front. That's no small amount of mechanical complexity to build a drive system linking the front wheel to the main motor.

07 October 2010, 0939
Finally we can get a look at what the unsprung weight is going to do to a race bike. AWEsome.

Wait. I see now- nevermind. :D

07 October 2010, 1111
very interesting aproach to the KERS.

In other articles they say that there was a chain going up towards the gas tank that was removed for Dyno testing. It apears that they mechanically linked the front wheel to the motor. Pretty cool Idea. Wondering if there is a one-way bearing on it so they're not driving both wheels off of the motor at the same time.

It'l be interesting to see how this handles on the track,

07 October 2010, 1151

From the Examiner article:

The KERS system is a mechanical linkage from the front wheel, up the front forks, through some gearing linking it to a drive shaft, that then connects to a chain that ends up driving the motor. If that sounds complex, that's because it is. The UQM motor is doing dual duty as the traction motor propelling the bike forward, and as the generator used to slow the bike down when the KERS is activated. Using a lever on the left-handlebar the KERS is activated which engages the mechanical linkages connecting the front wheel to the motor, using it as a generator, and removing inertia from the bike slowing it down.

Tony Coiro
07 October 2010, 1244
Hmm...so they are going to "remove inertia" from the motorcycle? Physicist worldwide are gonna wanna check out this motorcycle..... :D

Tony Coiro
07 October 2010, 1257
They want 420VDC AND 500A output while using what looks like a 13 inch motor?!? Good luck finding batteries, cuz nothing I know of can come anywhere close to that power in the space they have. I think I am gonna have to call shenanigans on this one.

07 October 2010, 1309
Removing inertia is no problem, that's what inertial dampeners are for :-)

They're keeping the batteries secret, so far, pointing out the rapid charge/discharge criteria as the prime factor in their choice.

07 October 2010, 1314
I have worked on this machine personaly. I can say that Chip will not rest till he finds a way to get what he wants. There are plenty of cells that can do the power side, its the regen side that flat out won't work on to many of them. If he gets a manufacture to give him cells to meet the specs he is looking for HOLD ON! Will be a fun ride.

07 October 2010, 1314
If you say "shenanigans" one more time!

07 October 2010, 1318
"Hey Farva, what's the name of that restaurant you like with the mozzarella sticks and all the goofy sh!t on the walls?"

Sorry, it had to be done

07 October 2010, 1321
That's doest it!!! Time for a pistol whippin'.

Tony Coiro
07 October 2010, 1327
Haha, I was just gonna post that picture of that scene but I wasn't sure if anyone would get the reference. :D As far as the cells, I really want it to work, drive the innovation and have that performance, it just seems far beyond what anyone else has done, making it hard to believe (but I want to believe it).

Nuts & Volts
07 October 2010, 1731
Personally I dont think he has the room for batteries. I say good luck to him finding some that he can fit in there. It will be a hell of bike

07 October 2010, 1755
He's planning an 11kWh pack (I think). That's smaller than the Lightning, MotoCzysz, or Mission bikes.

07 October 2010, 1845
I wish Chip nothing but success on this project, but hope he didn't set his sights on a bridge too far with this one.

I can understand why his search for batteries is taking so long. He'll need to find some that have at least 4 times the current energy density to fit 11Kwh into to limited amount of space left on that bike.
The KERS system also seems to be a major complication. The idea of recovering energy from the front wheel while braking makes a lot of sense, but multiple shaft drives, and gearboxes adds a huge amount of complication and potential mechanical issues, not to mention engaging and disengaging this while controlling the braking force with a level of feel required of a racebike/racer is a huge undertaking.

07 October 2010, 2129
check this **** out, someone on the endless-sphere forum found some pictures of a christini AWD motorcycle setup, and it looks identical!

(click "How it works")


07 October 2010, 2220
Meow. I smell patent attorneys storming the Yates camp. Meow

07 October 2010, 2241
Ah ah ah ZoomSmith...... You've got one more....... :::Shakes nine fingers, one pinky closed:::

BTW, the Christini is made for 250cc to 450cc dirt bikes. I wonder what kind of aggressive regen torque (from the sheer mass of the vehicle) that will be induced on those gears and how it compares with the dirt bike engines

07 October 2010, 2359
I was really expecting something a little closer to this 2-wheel drive R1, but I guess he had his reasons to go in his direction.