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24 December 2016, 0957
Just a quick post to introduce myself - I'm Chaz. Unimaginative screen name, I know. :) I'm in central Virginia, near Lynchburg. From the map it looks like there are a few other members not too far away. I'm an electrical engineer by training, but I've spent a few too many years in project management to say that's my vocation any more.

I've had the idea of building an electric vehicle conversion for a long time, and after watching the recent episode of Wheeler Dealers where they updated a mid-80's Maserati Biturbo that was originally converted to electric in the early '90's, the idea moved closer to the front. I've ridden motorcycles for a number of years, and done some pretty extensive maintenance and repair on them, primarily on BMWs. So choosing to build an electric bike was a natural choice.

There are still a couple of projects in the garage that have to be completed and cleared out before this one can start, so my next step is to read and learn as much as I can. Looks like this forum is a good place for that. Expect questions as I make sure I understand everything!

24 December 2016, 1330

Do you know about fellow Virginians

Brian Richardson


and Richard Goff?


26 December 2016, 1933
Hello, Portsmouth VA here.

Building an electric motorcycle, just started.
Also have a converted Sandrail capable of highway speeds.

I've learned a lot along the way. If you're ever in the hampton roads area, I'd be happy to take you for a spin in the Sandrail.