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03 October 2017, 0125
Hello everybody, this is my first post on this interesting forum.

I live in Italy and I imported a trial electric motorcycle form USA in 2001.
The bike is a Denali Tork Atak, with a 36V motor for 275 A, with a Curtis PMC controller model 1204 (from a golf cart).
It has been using 3 lead batteries 12 V that I changed several times in the past years, but the riding time is really short (from 10 to 20 minutes).

I was wondering if with the new lithium batteries pack and the available space (10" L , 7" W , 7" H) I could have more riding time.

Any expert wishing to help me ?

Thanks in advance and ciao ciao



03 October 2017, 0642
Look for battery packs used for Hover Boards on ebay. They are 10S2P 36v4ah. Use 5 in parallel for 36v 20ah. They already have a BMS. Only buy ones that state Samsung or LG cells. Also buy a Hoverboard 36v charger.

03 October 2017, 1254
Even with the brand selection, I would avoid hoverboard cells. It is common for manufacturers to lie about the cell origin.

03 October 2017, 1320
I bought 3 packs for my E-bike from ebay, batteries labeled as Samsung. Working great all summer!