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07 December 2017, 1427
Greetings electroheads.
I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Rob, I'm a lifelong biker, petrol head, but with interest in classic cars too. I have several classic bikes, a couple of classic cars and ride my 2002 Triumph Daytona 955i almost everyday, sadly its mostly to work. :(
As I'm in engineering, (Multi skilled) I've always done my own servicing and repairs, so the idea of building my own bike isn't too daunting. I did seriously consider building a diesel bike for economy , but there are a lot of problems to overcome and to be fair most of them are gutless.
So in the interests of seriously cutting down my commuting costs, I am now looking to build my own electric bike.
My daily commute is 50 miles to work and back, mostly motorway. I'm hoping that I be able to keep up with modern traffic. As it's early days, I don't yet have a plan , but I have nearly secured a bike ( a non running Suzuki 600) .
After taking careful measurements of where the drive sprocket sits, I will junk all the parts I don't need.
I have no real time frame as I have other projects to be getting on with too. I will be looking to this forum for ideas and information especially as regards the correct motor, controller, batteries and what turbo charger I should use. LOL.
Hope I will be able to contribute along the way.

08 December 2017, 0729
Welcome Rob. I found myself in similar situation last year. My project is starting to get off the ground now as I have a controller on the way (Sevcon Gen 4 / Size 6). The build (or RE-build) is a 2010 Zero S. Also check out the endless-sphere forum. Lots of good info and good people there too. Some of the electric bicycle parts and a lot of the theory directly cross over.

28 December 2017, 0442
welcome Rob,
nice to see some one so local (im in the wirral) :D maybe we can hit the Ponderosa Cafe on our e-bikes when we both have them finish.
what 600 is the Suzuki?