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03 April 2018, 1027
http://o.contactlab.it/ov/2005473/326/DG%2BmqKXPbKdyj4Ad7OIuDUU2rqQ%2BMgsXWj%2FM%2FwpXtx IF23oegA1HX8Ju%2BQLCtj0H

Deadline! My goal is to have my build done by May 12! I have lots of work to do, so I'm signing off! See you all in a month!

04 April 2018, 0358
What's your project?

T Rush
06 April 2018, 0508
yeah, I'd like to know too

never really knew much about Arduino...but I've got hundreds of old AOL and other free CD discs handouts that I saved from back in the day, cause I always thought they would be neat to make something out of(I was thinking a snake scale like shower curtain or something) and saw this video one day
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yscv1555QpM < cation : don't start jamming on that music too hard :
...so then I had to figure out what Arduino was

you're not by any chance making a "light up to music CD shower curtain" are you?

06 April 2018, 0942
This is my build: http://elmoto.net/showthread.php?t=4354
I'm using Arduino Uno to design a dashboard/control interface for my EMC.
So far, I have it successfully turning on the bike's power without a key, just using my Android cell phone. My phone will display the coolant temperatures and the Battery temperatures. The app I'm using is called Virtuino. The temperature monitors also save max and min temperatures received, which is a nice feature to review after the ride. I need to learn how to build an interface to monitor individual cell voltages, but for now, I'll just use Cell Logs.