View Full Version : New Addition to the Collection- the Xtreme XB500

13 October 2010, 0329

Saved a scoot (really a motorized bicycle, as far as performance goes) from the landfill last night, and the chatter suggests we got some bad Hall sensors. The guy said there were frayed wires going into the hub which he soldered up, but the motor won't spin well, and won't pull at all. I found a post on Instructables showing how to replace the sensors, it seems pretty easy, so here goes nuthin!

The motor is a 500W brushless hub, and runs 48V, with 12aH batts. There is a ton of unused storage space, seems easy enough to slam in some much bigger batteries. Even with the 12aH they claim 20 miles of range... we'll see. :O

Besides that, the company (X-treme Scooters) seems pretty good. Based in China, but they have a distributor in the US and a really complete site with parts and tech info. Links and more info are on my blog: