View Full Version : 2011 Zero S w/motor issues on CL in Fort Collins, CO

13 May 2018, 1017
NOTE: Iím not affiliated with the seller, just want to help a Zero find a home.


13 May 2018, 1451
Too bad it wasn't a 2012 Zero, which are being recalled due to the possibility of them suffering a "thermal event" when charging. On Friday, Zero picked up my daughter 2012 9 kWh S and will be giving her a check for $6,040 in return for the bike. All 218 Zeros made during that year have been recalled and will be dismantled at the factory and (I hope) recycled.

There is no indication that the 2011 models have a problem as they use different batteries. The EIG-brand batteries are apparently the problem with that single model year. That was the only year that Zero used EIG cells.