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Michael Moore
15 June 2018, 1025
I know a couple of local Zero owners and have looked at their bikes but otherwise my only experience with e-vehicles was doing some welding on a friend's Citicar several decades ago. I've been racing/designing/building my own ICE motorcycles for 45+ years, but the quiet/smoothness of the Zeros interests me.

Unfortunately if I can't see things moving it must be magic. I'm a gearhead and I can do electrics where I pour electrons in one end of a wire and it falls out the other, but electronics are largely a mystery to me. I've been looking at some build threads but if I do something it will need to use a turn-key battery/controller/motor package spec'd by someone who has a clue.


15 June 2018, 1129
Welcome Michael and enjoy the learning curves! Its a different kind of ride, but until a person experiences it themselves, its kinda indescribable. The torque and acceleration have a feel unlike any ICE rides. Batteries are only going to improve from here on out.
So if you decide to dive in and build a project, pay initial attention to the motor and controller for whatever chassis you want to use. Then, future upgrades to your battery will make the build improve with each new update. My 2 cents!

20 June 2018, 2224
Hi Michael.