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14 October 2010, 0608
What are the advantages/ disadvantages of keeping/ using a shaft transmission in a conversion?
I found this very interesting bike for sale, a Guzzi 500CC 1980, documents in order, however disassembled (hehehe - no need to disassemble it myself! :) ) for around US$1,000.
The size is close to a japanese 250cc, and the frame - a double-bed - seems just right for a conversion.
It also has an interesting bracking system: left hand = front right disk; left foot = rear disk + front left disk.
But it is the shaft transmission that I want to know your opinion about: can I use it in the conversion? Would further reduction (between the motor and the axle) be needed?

Finally, I am glad for NOT making good on my farewell to the forum: if I must pay the price for being a pioneer in e-conversions in Israel, so be it!

14 October 2010, 0609
My lawyer will certainly love it! :D

14 October 2010, 0702
Fun, fun, fun.

While I've owned a couple of shaft drive bikes and loved them, I think there could be some disadvantages for conversion.
You'd need to find out the gear ratio on the rear to know if it will work out for out, and my guess would be not likely, if only because every shaft drive conversion I've read about online needed additional reduction, which means adding a jackshaft or similar arrangement. The problem is, on a 250 size frame, adding more hardware like that can really eat into space you'd probably rather be using for batteries. Fully disassembled, sounds a tad risky at that price too (at least from my perspective - I don't know used motorcycles may be a lot more expensive in Israel), in that if it's assembled you can readily see if there are problems with parts like brakes, etc.

14 October 2010, 1115
Thank you for the advice, Billmi, I also loved the way my suzuki intruder 800 imparted power to the rear wheel, and I have a request - please, please and pretty please revert to the Mad Max icon - this catchup number soxxxx! :D

14 October 2010, 1510

That is one %$&# picture Bill.....

I agree, get a assembled bike. You may end up with parts from many different bike and not know it until you try to put it back together.

For 500$ it may be a good deal .but....... To get a good EV motorcycle you need to start with a good "easy to get parts" bike.

Where are you going to get (cheap) parts for that?