View Full Version : SafePlug pay-per-use outlet provides recharging on the road

14 October 2010, 0711
A U.S. company is developing a solution for people who unexpectedly find themselves with low batteries in their laptops, cell phones or e-bikes. Installed into an existing AC outlet, the 2D2Cís SafePlug 1200-P3 pay-per-use system allows users to gain access with a prepaid plastic card or key fob, then plug their depleted electronic device into it. Not only would the owner of the business in which the outlet was located make money off of electricity sales, but they would also end up with potential shoppers who would be stuck in their store for at least 20 minutes.


The article doesn't say what the amperage limits are (they mention it being targeted at mobile phones and e-bikes), but it sure sounds like a simple way to set up pay charging stations for electric motorcycles.

More info at the manufacturer's web site: