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15 October 2010, 0916
By Jason Kambitsis on October 15, 2010
Published on Wired.com (http://www.wired.com/autopia/2010/10/celebrate-alt-fuel-vehicle-day/)

Today is surely marked on everyone’s calendar as the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey. What? You haven’t heard of it? The biannual event celebrates the great strides being made by alt-fuels and the vehicles that use them.

The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium has sponsored the event since 2002. The consortium, which calls West Virginia University home, includes the Department of Energy and companies like Honda and Toyota. It’s purpose is simple: Educate people about all of the things besides gasoline that can propel an automobile and turn people on to all of the automobiles that run on something besides gasoline.

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