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22 October 2010, 1801
The new Agni motor is spotted. The 190R. 30KW continuous.

22 October 2010, 1946
Thanks Rob!
Larger diameter than the 95? Looks identical.

22 October 2010, 2150
Looks like the picture Mr. Herron took...


4000 peak rpm...

Another pic...

23 October 2010, 0408
Looks like the picture Mr. Herron took...

Indeed it is.

Larger diameter than the 95? Looks identical.

Here's one I took in June.

There's a 95 fitted in the bike but the mounting holes around it are for the 190 and give a good idea of their relative sizes.
Note also the different casting around the bearing

From chatting with Cedric at the time, It wasn't clear that the new motor was to be more powerful, just a better torque / rpm relationship to ease gearing etc., so the news of 30KW continuous is quite a surprise. Assuming the model number follows the pattern of the others, i.e. the number of turns, then this 190 is gonna have to have in the region of 140V.


23 October 2010, 0848
I remember IOM was the first time I had heard of the larger Agni. Qualifying times don't look good so far in Spain TTXGP final.

Maybe they are sandbag'n but they are claiming tech issues...

Agni Motors unveiled a "secret weapon", a long-awaited higher power version of their motor. A pair of them was mounted on bike #77 ridden by Jenny Tinmouth but with gearing and controller still set for the old motors it did little better than team-mate Rob Moon's #69 bike.