View Full Version : Wanted: used controller alltrax 7234 or similar

25 October 2010, 0917
If you have an Alltrax 7234 controller (or a Kelly KD72401) in good condition but idling and getting dust, PM me.
I am in Israel, so it will have to be sent by mail (IPS - international parcel service, or Western Union, or similar - no big deal).
A magura throttle (or similar) also interests me.
Since I will have to send the money up front, I prefer to deal with members of Elmoto - trust is everything, right? :)

26 October 2010, 2331
OK! I have got an address in New Jersey where *you* can send the controller - my buddy will then ship it out to me in the Holy Land.
See? No worries. Now, what about that dust-collecting controller, hmmmm? :D