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01 November 2010, 1452
So today I decided to ride down to my electric motorcycle retailer, the Electric Green Showroom, and talk to them about my battery/BMS problems. This is the shop that first brought electric motorcycles to my attention 20 months ago and that sold me my 2008 GPR-S in August 2009 and my current GPR-S in January 2010.

Attached is a photo of the shop that I took today. There was no notice on the premises to their customers regarding their fate, just a lonely UPS delivery notice from last week. A sad situation and one that may have be aggravated by the lack of promotion by EMS of their GPR-S/Native vehicle line, as well as the location of the store being just a block away from the only Best Buy in the Bay Area that is selling Brammo electric motorcycles.

02 November 2010, 0101
Bummer! I was just passing by there last night after going trick or treating with my kid and nephew (they live about 3 blocks away). I didn't see the shop, but didn't get a good look, so i thought i had just missed it.

Their website is still active. Bummer.

BTW, i think that Lightning Motors or Alliance Renewable Energy (both Richard Hatfield companies) is located 1 or 2 blocks away from there too. You could probably stop by there and talk about battery and BMS problems with them too. :)

02 November 2010, 1712
Hey Richard, I called their number on the website. The guy (trevor?) answered and said they are no longer at that location, but they still exist...for now. They're hoping to get a new location around the beginning of the year, but unfortunately, I didn't get the feeling he was too confident that he'd be able to pull that off.

He also said they'll be updating the website soon.

In any case, there may be some life left there. :)

02 November 2010, 1806
The owner's name is Taylor. I wish them luck, but it will be hard to pull back their customers after several months of not being around. I wish they had at least put a note on the door, letting their customers know what happened.

Personally, I think they should go into the EV repair business. Considering the cost of re-opening and operating a retail vehicle sales business, repairing electric motorcycles, bicycles and scooters would likely require much less investment and fill a niche that doesn't seem to exist right now.