View Full Version : BMW to build an electric car

06 November 2010, 1442
According to an article written by Jack Ewing of the New York Times, BMW has just announced plans to construct a factory in Leipzig, Germany, to build a small plug-in electric car called the Megacity. BMW said that it would invest 400 million Euros through 2013 in the production of this car, which is based on their 1 Series platform. The company has not displayed a prototype of the Megacity, other than some impressionistic sketches of what the car might look like.

It sounds to me like they are trying to convince their loyal customers to hold off buying an electric car from some other manufacturer until they can get around to producing and marketing their EV.

06 November 2010, 1655
Well they already build an electric Mini, (trial type thing), so maybe they've learned enough with that to build something else.

06 November 2010, 2242
BMW's new motto... me too BMW!