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14 November 2010, 1538
Well, had a friend over today who's into restoring old bikes... he'd been interested in the electric stuff I'd been posting on FB. I had the bike, along with other (electric) toys lying around the yard, and told him to take a ride around the block.

He came back and said he couldn't stop giggling. :D

As he left, he said he's going to start a build. Immediately.


14 November 2010, 1716
They'll never catch on. Too slow and not enough range.

14 November 2010, 1806
Another corrupted soul.....good job!!!


14 November 2010, 1911
I was at my BMW dealer yesterday and when I saw the guy at the parts counter just sitting there and surfing the web on his computer, I suggested that his boss should get him an exercise bike attached to a generator to help power the computer while he was using it. (I was just trying to be funny.) I wasn't too sure how he took that, but he did tell me that he had another boss some years ago who told him that he should stick a broom handle up his butt so that he could sweep the floor while he walked around the shop doing nothing. I think he should tell that one to Scott Adams. :D

14 November 2010, 2242
Not as good as ted's story, but i've been espousing electric vehicles and e-motos, and have converted at least one person who works for me. He's contemplating getting a Roehr... :)


15 November 2010, 0358
Just got a note from him... "Hey Ted, how about this one? (link to CG rolling chassis)"

...now time to reel 'im in! :D