View Full Version : Pulse Jet Motorcycle

16 November 2010, 0815
Well, it is not electric, but it does make a lot of noise and flames and I have to give the creator of this vehicle credit for doing something a little different. Right now he has it on a test stand on a dirt road. I am looking forward to seeing it let loose. With no suspension the ride should be spectacular, especially on a dirt road and at night.


16 November 2010, 1125
Oh man. Have you ever actually heard a pulse jet running? Loudest damn thing you will ever hear. You can hear them miles away. They used to be big in control line model airplane racing - One guy in the center of the circle in a cage and the airplane connected to a 60 ft line. Second guy pumps like mad with a bicycle pump to start it and then runs hell bent for leather out of the cage after he lets it go. Quite a show!