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29 November 2010, 1609
My newspaper has an article written by Pete Carey (pcarey@mercurynews.com) describing the new plug-in Triac three wheel, reverse-trike, fully enclosed vehicle. (Think E-Tracer with two wheels up front and no training wheels.) It is made by Green Vehicles, located in Salinas, CA. Mr. Carey drove a prototype of the vehicle, which is expected to sell for around $25K and to be on sale by late next year. Production is expected to be 2,000 vehicles a year.

The company president is Mike Ryan and he has co-founded Green Vehicles with Ehab Youssef, an "intellectual property" lawyer.

The Triac claims a 100-mile "real world driving" range. It is powered by Li-ion batteries made by Leyden Energy in Fremont, CA. Leyden claims that their batteries can operate at up to 140 degrees without degrading the cells, eliminating the need for a battery cooling system.

The first Triac prototype was made in China and has a stick-shift transmission (?). The production Trac 2.0 will have an automatic transmission (?). This model will be manufactured in California in order to reduce the vehicle's "carbon footprint", once they received funding from the "energy commission".

The production Triac will have a Vehicle Efficiency Data Assistant (VEDA) interface to the BMS, as well as diagnostic and navigational data. The VEDA is an electronic learning system that captures a person's driving habits and patterns to accurately predict miles left before recharging is needed. The Triac will also have a slot for a personal digital assistant that drivers can use to listen to podcasts, a daily itinerary, or a business briefing while riding along to work. The Triac will ask "are you going to work?". If you answer "yes", it will ask what you want to hear - according to Mr. Ryan.

Green Vehicles is also working on an on-line site that tracks the company's greenhouse gas emissions and waste. Mr.Ryan said "I want people to see these kinds of metrics".

The article's author test rode the vehicle, liked it and did not fall over. ;)