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06 December 2010, 0521
Just found this piece on the Grid.

Pretty interesting historical and present-day assessment.

"The Report Card for America's Infrastructure, prepared by the American Society of Civil Engineers, gives the US Electric Grid a rating of D. Its summary says the following:

The U.S. power transmission system is in urgent need of modernization. Growth in electricity demand and investment in new power plants has not been matched by investment in new transmission facilities. Maintenance expenditures have decreased 1% per year since 1992. Existing transmission facilities were not designed for the current level of demand, resulting in an increased number of "bottlenecks," which increase costs to consumers and elevate the risk of blackouts."

...'course, god forbid we should funnel any additional gas taxes or subsidies over to the grid, right? :D

06 December 2010, 2144
"Utilities thrilled and worried about electric cars"